Free guide: The science of DNA based hair loss treatment

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Hair growth is in your DNA

Unlock your full hair growth potential with our genetic test and customized topicals.

Hair loss treatment DNA test

Reviewed by board certified dermatologists

We tailor a genetic topical to suit your needs

Delivered to your door

End the hair loss guessing game.

Many people struggle with hair regrowth because traditional approaches are often a one-size-fits-all solution, leading to years of trial and error and wasted money.

Our DNA test guarantees a personalized approach by analyzing your hair loss genes and providing customized solutions backed by clinical evidence tied to your DNA biomarkers. This tailored experience ensures your treatment gives optimal hair growth results.


Genetic, not generic.

A simple cheek swab can unlock your hair loss answers.  Our DNA test is the only clinically proven way to personalize a hair growth formula to meet your specific needs.

Why you should trust our personalized approach:

  • Get tailored formulations and dosages
  • Avoid wasting time on other trial-and-error approaches
  • Access to a broader selection of proven hair loss medications
  • Combination of clinically back ingredients
  • Genetic and lifestyle data helps minimize risk of side affects
  • Approved by a licensed dermatologist
  • Delivered directly to your door

 40% of people using Minoxodil are non-responders and do not achieve optimal results from generic hair loss treatments.*


Dr. Wolfeld explains the importance of genetic testing for hair loss.


Our precision process


Get your DNA test kit delivered to your doorstep. Complete a simple cheek swab, and lifestyle questionnaire. Send it back to us in our prepaid envelope.


We analyze your hair loss genes and create a 3-in-1 solution tailored to your specific needs. Our solution provides optimal hair growth results by delivering the right dosages of hair loss medications, vitamins and amino acids and proprietary growth oils.


It takes only 30 seconds to apply your topical once a day, and you can start seeing noticeable results in as little as three months. However, the best results are achieved after consistent use for six months.

Discover your optimal hair growth treatment.

Our process analyzes your biomarkers to find your responsiveness to 20+ ingredients to create a truly personalized treatment.

  • Spironolactone, Minoxidil, Cetirizine, Melatonin, Tretinoin, Vitamin D3





    Created for
    Caitlyn S.
    Responds to normal doses of Minoxidil 5% and non-responsive to Finasteride. A keratolytic like Tretinoin would be beneficial.
  • Dutasteride, Biotin, Vitamin E, Caffeine, Latanoprost




    Created for
    Francis Mayer
    Non-responder to Minoxidil. Requires higher dosage of Dutasteride. Recommends a circulation modulator like Arginine.
  • Finasteride, Biotin, Latanoprost, Arginine, Hydrocortisone




    Created for
    James Gardner
    Vitamin supplementation with Biotin in combination with high dosage of Finasteride .5% and Minoxidil 8%. Low dose steroid for inflammation.
  • Latanoprost, Melatonin, Spironolactone, Cetrizine, Vitamin E, Caffeine





    Created for
    Noah Mattis
    Requires alternative api like Latanoprost and Cetirizine with Tretinoin. Spironolactone could be an alternative anti-adrongenic.

3 essential needs, 1 personalized formula.

Our 3-in-1 combination therapy approach and leverages the full spectrum of proven hair loss medications and over 30 active pharmaceutical ingredients to find the optimal formulation based on your lifestyle questionnaire, medical history and DNA test.

  • Proven Hair Loss Medications

We match you with the right hair loss medications like Minoxidil, Finasteride, Dutasteride, Latanoprost, Spironolactone, Cetirizine,  + and many other medications known to help hair loss.

  • Clinically Validated Vitamins, Amino Acids and Pharmaceuticals

Scientifically proven to enhance the effects of the prescription medications for faster and more effective absorption and maximized results.

  • Essential Growth Oils

Proprietary formulations of natural oils that maximizes results by improving the cellular environment on the skin.


Clinically-proven results

Genetic test based on 7 years of research and tested on over 13,000 patients

  • 34 years old

    18 Months of Treatment



  • 38 years old

    5 Months of Treatment



  • 40 years old

    12 Months of Treatment



  • 40 year old Female

    9 Months of Treament



How we stack up

Roots by Genetic Arts is the most precise topical treatment on the market.

Lifestyle Data

Genetic Data

3-1 Combo

Optimized Dosage

FDA Approved Ingredients

Lifestyle Data

Genetic Data

3-1 Combo

Optimized Dosage

FDA Approved Ingredients

Why Roots?

Personalized all-in-one solution

Our hair DNA test analyzes 48 different genetic variations to customize the most effective solution for you.


Noticeable hair growth results in 3-6* months.

Fewer side effects

Studies show that personalizing treatments to an individual’s DNA can reduce side affects by up to 30%**

Peace of

Eliminate second guessing knowing that you are using a product for your specific hair growth needs.

We know the whole you

Hormones Circulation Inflamation Aging Metabolism Nutrition

Solutions backed by science.

Roots by GA’s hair treatment solutions are built on 7+ years of scientific research and tested on over 13,000 patient. Developed by a team of experts merging the fields of genetics, nutrition, pharmaceuticals and artificial intelligence, our test is based on state-of-the-art DNA microarray technology that allows us to deliver customized, precision medicine to your doorstep.


Your custom topical solution

Genetic Arts uses your DNA along with a questionnaire to formulate the most appropriate combination and concentration of FDA approved ingredients, vitamins and minerals along with essential oils clinically proven to stop hair loss and increase hair growth.

  • Charles H., 42 yrs.

    The Roots’ test was very useful. I started noticing hair loss and was frustrated with trying different that took to long to see results. With this test, I felt confident with my custom treatment because I had the reassurance the topical was customize to my needs. It’s been 7 months and I’ve noticed fuller hair in my problem areas.

    Photo of satisfied hair loss customer.
  • Brett , 30 yrs.

    I have been struggling with early signs of  hair loss for years, I tried alot of natural products, and supplements but my hair continued to thin in the front.  After seeing a Roots ad, I decide it was time to try medications if I was going to get serious. So glad I did, it’s been just 4 months and already notice it working. Don’t wait like I did.


  • Michael B., 56 yrs.

    I tried a lot with little success and I thought at my age – maybe nothing would work.  The Roots Genetic Test was my last effort, and I’m so glad I tried.  The test provided valuable insights that the Roots dermatologist was able to use to create a formula to meet my needs. I’ve started regrowing hair on my crown, it’s making me very hopeful.

  • Caitlyn S, 32 yrs

    I had been experiencing some hair shedding, and my part just seem to be getting wider and wider. I was nervous, and didn’t know what the best treatment might be. That’s what attracted me to Roots by GA. I appreciated the testing approach as I know hair loss in woman is a little more complex . I was impressed with the level of service, and my treatment seems to be working! 7 months in and my part is much more full.

Clinically proven

Precise dosing

100% secure

Delivered to your door

*https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24283387 **As each person is unique, results may vary depending on several indicators and variants.